1, You can UPLOAD any files, but there is 20Mb limit per file.
2, VirSCAN supports Rar/Zip decompression, but it must be less than 20 files.
3, Aplikace VirSCAN může skenovat komprimované soubory s heslem 'infected'nebo'virus'.

Server load
Server Load
Antivirus vendor cyren

As the security technology of choice for industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft and Check Point, Cyren Cloud is the largest security cloud and is therefore the first cloud to detect and act on emerging Internet threats. Cyren offers the world's fastest, most accurate and scalable network security service.

The antivirus software version currently used by virscan
Scanner Country Engine Ver Sig Ver Sig Date Last update(CST)
cyren USA 6.0.0 2019-02-13 2019-03-21 04:23:07
antivirus software cyren Recently detected virus
File Name Virus name
datamonitor.exe W32/Threat-HLLSI-based!Maximus
CCleaner_Pro_v5.43.6520.exe W32/Trojan.BCCE-5369
H@tKeysH@@k.DLL W32/Keylogger.YBOK-3069
1.exe W32/Agent.EW.gen!Eldorado
IDM注册机.exe W32/Trojan.PKDM-6355
IDM禁止更新.exe W32/Trojan.TJBD-5190
Server.exe W32/MSIL_Bladabindi.A.gen!Eldorado
CS3.exe W32/Sality.AD
CS2.exe W32/Sality.AD
CS4.exe W32/Downloader.AT.gen!Eldorado
CS1.exe W32/Sality.AD
lsass.exe W32/Agent.FI.gen!Eldorado
Office.exe W32/Trojan.ZTGX-5865
lua.dll W32/Patched.S.gen!Eldorado
吾爱专用无限3天试用UU.exe W32/Agent.EW.gen!Eldorado
lua.dll W32/Patched.S.gen!Eldorado
lua.dll W32/Patched.S.gen!Eldorado
digftpfree.exe W32/Troj_Obfusc.P.gen!Eldorado
lua.dll W32/Patched.S.gen!Eldorado
bvcd.exe W32/Sality.C.gen!Eldorado
Dataserver1.exe W32/Sality.AD
GS守护1.exe W32/Agent.EW.gen!Eldorado
JoinServer.exe W32/Sality.AD
WZ_MU2003_EVENT_SERVER.exe W32/Sality.AD
autorun.inf IS/Autorun.IE
Exdb.exe W32/Sality.AD
local1.exe W32/S-4ca97ae3!Eldorado
winspool.drv W32/Trojan.ZYCN-8338
riched32.dll W32/Trojan.MNEQ-1791
shell2.exe W32/Swrort.D.gen!Eldorado
shell2.exe W32/Swrort.A
taskmgr.exe W64/Trojan.TUVF-0909
shell2.exe W32/Swrort.D.gen!Eldorado
shell11.exe W32/Swrort.D.gen!Eldorado
msgenhance.dll W32/Trojan.PDCI-7571
gwsjhjsyzm.exe W32/Symmi.O.gen!Eldorado
shell2.exe W32/Swrort.D
冰点文库下载器 去广告单文件版.exe W32/Oficla.K.gen!Eldorado
000.exe W32/Swrort.D.gen!Eldorado
三国战纪查看器1.5.exe W32/Agent.EW.gen!Eldorado
WindowsApplication28.exe W32/MSIL_Troj.OR.gen!Eldorado
svchost.exe W32/Equated.HUMG-4310
新星VOB格式转换破解补丁.exe W32/Agent.EW.gen!Eldorado
DevilSqure_EventServer.exe W32/Sality.AD
libgles.dll W32/Trojan.SRDJ-1113
libgles.dll W32/Trojan.SRDJ-1113
讨论组退出.exe W32/Agent.EW.gen!Eldorado
GameOfMir_合击登录器.exe W32/Reconyc.L.gen!Eldorado
ytmd - 副本.exe W32/Fujack.U
我是病毒.vbs VBS/DDV.L
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