1, You can UPLOAD any files, but there is 20Mb limit per file.
2, VirSCAN supports Rar/Zip decompression, but it must be less than 20 files.
3, VirSCAN can scan compressed files with password 'infected' or 'virus'.

Server load
Server Load
List of file behavior reports
  file name Powered By
架设视频1.exe threatbook
KMSpico Install.rar threatbook
治疗弱视的软件破解版增视能视觉刺激.exe threatbook
WinSCP-5.14.4.RC-Setup.exe threatbook
crystal_security_3.7.0.37 (VirusT 0-58).msi threatbook
Protein_x64.3.17.dll threatbook
KingdomVIP_1016.msi threatbook
ChromePortable.exe threatbook
ZX.exe threatbook
U盘传输小助手.exe threatbook
ChromePortable.exe threatbook
x86.dll threatbook
jcdn.exe threatbook
QQ付费音乐下载器 v2.1.exe threatbook
idm-patch.exe threatbook
CHI BO.exe threatbook
GHOST may moi.exe threatbook
CONG DOAN. kip.exe threatbook
ew_for_win_32.exe threatbook
局域查看工具.exe threatbook
穿越火线FT透视自瞄破解版.exe threatbook
mbae-setup- threatbook
mls.exe threatbook
SELFCERT.EXE threatbook
聊天快捷回复1.6.0.exe threatbook
免杀.exe threatbook
A1FP2WSetupZGC7.12.exe threatbook
R.U.S.E_Setup.exe threatbook
枫之回忆登录器.exe threatbook
SimpleDNSCrypt x86.msi threatbook
KRT_CLUB_1.1.0.23.exe threatbook
khd.exe threatbook
c19.exe threatbook
UltraCompare_Professional_v18.0.0.80_x64_zh_CN.7z threatbook
plink.exe threatbook
FunCTion.exe threatbook
Client.exe threatbook
AyaRC_se.exe threatbook
SkinH_TL.vmp.exe threatbook
空的只有一个弹出窗口.exe threatbook
KEYGEN.TMP0 threatbook
Menu.exe threatbook
SPEEDPIC1.0.0.1_SETUP.EXE threatbook
外链蜘蛛精SEO优化推广工具V2.exe threatbook
ResolutionChanger.exe threatbook
VERSION.dll threatbook
抽取程序win10.exe threatbook
GOI XAY LAP.rar threatbook
MXY人生本无常专业版.exe threatbook
microKMS.exe threatbook
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