1, You can UPLOAD any files, but there is 20Mb limit per file.
2, VirSCAN supports Rar/Zip decompression, but it must be less than 20 files.
3, Aplikace VirSCAN může skenovat komprimované soubory s heslem 'infected'nebo'virus'.

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Antivirus vendor qqphone
The antivirus software version currently used by virscan
Scanner Country Engine Ver Sig Ver Sig Date Last update(CST)
qqphone China 2019-04-24 2019-04-24 06:19:48
antivirus software qqphone Recently detected virus
File Name Virus name
6e7e455b844fdafe5a3ae30e79fcda54 a.gray.filemetrica
saomiao.tiaoma.bijia.best_5.apk a.gray.andrsca.f
com.awevx.vapzu.vchine_5.apk a.gray.floatgame.zb
1.apk a.gray.plugingame.d
6b434ccaaf0f010a4a9a78f792192426 a.gray.tatic
com.mizao.praise_5.apk a.gray.orderlike
69b071740000df433dab8b3111749b02 a.gray.sexpay.s a.gray.floatgame.t
61594217f60f81d0ab9db436dc6915cf a.gray.hiddendown.g
6025da6d9dcf4ba7d39c1a4576ff85a9 a.gray.tatic
6012201f3b34a557744d38750381ae76 a.gray.tatic
5ebd4c4c9d9f940b8dd2bf5f2a4a67cd a.gray.LiveRecharge
com.bx.mall_1.apk post Error:
6-Couldn't resolve host ''
5b19029d58fa1389fd50260dee14804a post Error:
6-Couldn't resolve host ''
5b177666a483de3d337a2718d95d2a69 post Error:
6-Couldn't resolve host ''
大师_1.0.apk a.gray.sexpay.s
59513b0e659cc31c53b98a660a7c9e0f a.gray.filemetrica
【aQ团队】磁力猫v1.7 (打开即为高级版 全网磁力一网打尽) .apk a.gray.andrsca.f
adult.jokes.adultjokes_5.apk a.gray.floatgame.t
pts.LianShang.pts1660_5.apk a.gray.floatgame.zb
cn.ayzy99.exam_5.apk a.gray.floatgame.t
伪装过的大狮-1.5.1.apk a.gray.plugingame
My.Boy.v1.8.0.CHS-zhiyoo.apk a.gray.plugingame.d
com.podcast.mftsdq_5.apk a.gray.floatgame.zb
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