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Antivirus vendor drweb

Dr.Web, full name Dr.Web Antivirus for Windows, is a powerful anti-virus and anti-virus tool produced in Russia. It uses a new heuristic scanning method to provide multi-level protection, which is closely integrated with your operating system. Refuse to accept any malicious code into your computer, such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, adware, spyware, and more. A new type of genetic scanning antivirus software.

The antivirus software version currently used by virscan
Scanner Country Engine Ver Sig Ver Sig Date Last update(CST)
drweb Russia 2019-12-10 2019-12-10 21:00:46
antivirus software drweb Recently detected virus
File Name Virus name
SupportAssistLauncher.exe Win32.HLLP.Swisyn
SogouInput_v6.7.0.0747_v2_大水牛.exe BACKDOOR.Trojan
cdhfun.exe Trojan.Encoder.28004
cpuz_x64.exe Trojan.DownLoader30.30695
HEU_KMS_Activator_v19.0.0.exe Trojan.DownLoader11.37926
HEU_KMS_Activator_v19.5.1.exe Win32.HLLW.Autoruner2.24434
百度云批量改名.zip Trojan.PWS.Qqpass.7405
xxx.7z Trojan.MulDrop8.41187
360驱动大师 单文件去广告版v2.0.0.1480 顽石自用.exe Trojan.MulDrop8.41187
b.exe Trojan.Swrort.1
a.exe Trojan.Swrort.1
KmUninstall.exe Win32.Sector.30
WinNTSetup 4.0.1 Final 绿色单文件版.exe Trojan.MulDrop8.41187
flash.exe Trojan.Swrort.1 VBS.Rmnet.5
QvodTerminal.exe Trojan.Swrort.1
2020P TC 유지보수 방안_V1.0 .exe Exploit.Siggen.17882
active.html VBS.Rmnet.5
gongji Linux.Flood.370
QQHelper_1511.exe Trojan.DownLoader30.50348
m6.bin PowerShell.Siggen.22
QQHelper_1511.exe Trojan.DownLoader30.50348
m6.bin PowerShell.Siggen.22
KISManager.exe BACKDOOR.Trojan BackDoor.Gbot.2850
KISV121KeyGenVIP.exe Trojan.KillMBR.24792 Trojan.PWS.Qqpass.7405
Internet Download Manager 6.35.17.exe Trojan.MulDrop9.17634
carrier.rar BackDoor.Meterpreter.92
HSTT Phú Thọ.xls X97M.Laroux
a.exe Trojan.Swrort.1
360驱动大师.exe Trojan.MulDrop8.41187
Screen+setup V1.0.7.exe Win32.Sector.30
Scvhost.exe Trojan.DownLoader26.35525 Trojan.MulDrop9.15412
spco_9116.exe Trojan.DownLoader27.40570
JSOCR 和谐补丁Srv.exe VBS.Dropper.128
连发设置生成器1.60稳定版.7z Trojan.Click3.11224
test.exe Trojan.Swrort.41
存档工具.zip Trojan.Siggen8.24802
backdoor_raw_01.c Trojan.Swrort.1
Funds.eml Exploit.Siggen.47072
nass.exe Trojan.Siggen8.61267
G1zrxfQ3.exe Trojan.Emotet.762
脏牛exp.7z Linux.Exploit.CVE-2016-5195.47
fk145q10xlx0.exe Trojan.DownLoader30.50457
DVUC.exe Trojan.DownLoader30.50330
cassz.exe Trojan.Siggen8.61262
UniSkf.dll Win32.Rmnet
8hkmc7y5z8.exe Trojan.Siggen8.60739
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