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Antivirus vendor ikarus

Ikarus is an anti-virus software from Austria. It has strong anti-virus capabilities, especially the monitoring of downloaded files.

The antivirus software version currently used by virscan
Scanner Country Engine Ver Sig Ver Sig Date Last update(CST)
ikarus Austria 5.02.09 V1.32.39.0 2019-12-07 2019-12-09 22:19:12
antivirus software ikarus Recently detected virus
File Name Virus name
ViewWizard.exe Trojan.Dropper
KMSAuto Net HackTool.Win32.AutoKMS
SystemBGB3.0.exe Trojan.MSIL.Injector
2.apk PUA.AndroidOS.Domob
icudt.dll PUA.BlackMoon
1.apk PUA.AndroidOS.Domob
bluedict_5.9.6破解版.apk PUA.AndroidOS.Domob Trojan.Crypt
SupportAssistLauncher.exe Worm.Mofksys
聚享游疯狂90秒算法神器.exe Trojan-PSW.QQpass
试验22 - 副本.exe Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Flystud
试验22 - 副本_VP.exe PUA.VProtect
Zula DWORD HACKV3.exe Trojan.Win32.Autoit
电梯IC卡管理系统V2.0.exe Trojan-PWS.Win32.Tepfer
cdhfun.exe Trojan-Ransom.Sodinokibi
HEU_KMS_Activator_v19.0.0.exe Trojan-Downloader.Agent
xmrig-notls.exe PUA.CoinMiner
试验22.exe Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Flystud
qucmsec_v5.3.1_online.apk Packed.PUA.AndroidOS.Qihoo
lcx.exe not-a-virus:NetTool.Win32.Transmit
VS2017_1@1226125.exe PUA.RiskWare.Downer
CCProxy.exe AdWare.Win32.BlackMoon
附件2.xlsx X97M.Agent
6万视频.exe Trojan.Farfli
附件1.xls X97M.Agent
LumCore.dll PUA.NoobyProtect
Windows Loader.exe possible-Threat.Hacktool.Windows
1_EvilClippy.docm Trojan-Downloader.VBA.Agent
b.exe Trojan.Win32.Swrort
a.exe Trojan.Win32.Swrort
KmUninstall.exe Virus.Win32.Sality
CacheCleaner.exe PUA.CoinMiner
run_1bc1b.exe AdWare
flash.exe Trojan.Win32.Swrort Virus.VBS.Ramnit
QvodTerminal.exe Trojan.Win32.Genome
yobit_beep_bot.exe Trojan.MSIL.Crypt
active.html Virus.VBS.Ramnit
gongji Trojan.Linux.Flooder
QQHelper_1511.exe PUA.QQfarmer
RFQ PO9845.img Trojan.Win32.Injector
m6.bin Virus.PowerShell.Obfuscator
QQHelper_1511.exe PUA.QQfarmer PUA.Qjwmonkey
m6.bin Virus.PowerShell.Obfuscator PUA.Qjwmonkey not-a-virus:Downloader.Sogou
吾爱破解专用版Ollydbg.exe Trojan.ATRAPS
carrier.rar Trojan.Win32.Rozena
HSTT Phú Thọ.xls Virus.MSExcel.Laroux.Based
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