1, Sie können jede Datei UPLOADEN, aber beachten Sie das 20 MB Limit pro Datei.
2, VirSCAN unterstützt ZIP und RAR mit weniger als 20 Dateien im Archiv
3, VirSCAN unterstützt die Standard Passwörter 'infected' und 'virus' bei Archiven.

Server Auslastung
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VirSCAN accepts the importance of privacy. Please be sure the information you uploaded is not sensitive, included personal contact information, credit card, bank card information and your photo and so on.

The file you uploaded will be detected by different antivirus products. If your files are suspicious, VirSCAN will send them to antivirus vendors to analyze and update their products and signatures. Therefore, please don't upload sensitive information. VirSCAN will not save the file you uploaded, so please don't contact VirSCAN when you can't find your files.

Right and liability:
1.VirSCAN is not responsible for the engines provided by antivirus vendors.
2. Due to VirSCAN's commonweal, VirSCAN is not responsible for the veracity of report.
3. As the files are uploaded by users, VirSCAN is not responsible for the files provided to vendors.
4. If you think there is something wrong with VirSCAN, you have right not to visit VirSCAN any more.

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