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Antivirus vendor drweb

Dr.Web, full name Dr.Web Antivirus for Windows, is a powerful anti-virus and anti-virus tool produced in Russia. It uses a new heuristic scanning method to provide multi-level protection, which is closely integrated with your operating system. Refuse to accept any malicious code into your computer, such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, adware, spyware, and more. A new type of genetic scanning antivirus software.

The antivirus software version currently used by virscan
Scanner Country Engine Ver Sig Ver Sig Date Last update(CST)
drweb Russia 2019-12-15 2019-12-15 08:09:17
antivirus software drweb Recently detected virus
File Name Virus name
工作室.EXE Trojan.Click3.27390
testfile Trojan.PWS.Stealer.25463
万能按键模拟器 V2.1 绿色最新版.rar Trojan.DownLoader29.47597
Servere.exe Trojan.DownLoader27.6698
deve22nv.exe Trojan.Inject3.26307
新建文件夹.rar Trojan.DownLoader25.45722
salam.exe Trojan.Click3.12113
PandaOCR.rar Trojan.StartPage1.58511
破解幻影wifi_1.22.apk Android.Spy.145.origin
qingmu.exe Trojan.DownLoader26.55524
巅峰Q神个人版V8.0.exe Trojan.MulDrop7.58737
123.exe Trojan.Rootkit.22030 BACKDOOR.Trojan
nw_elf.exe BackDoor.Optix.567
MK.exe Win32.Rmnet
123.docx W97M.DownLoader.2692
自由 Trojan.DownLoader22.9658
PCSKYS_Windows7Loader_v3.27.exe Trojan.KillFiles.60825
HideUser.exe Trojan.PWS.Hangame
artifact1.exe Trojan.Swrort.41
farmsec.exe Trojan.Swrort.1
雷蛇工具.exe Trojan.DownLoader25.211
install_lodop64.exe Trojan.AVKill.32076
install_lodop32.exe Trojan.AVKill.32076
QQ机器人3.05.exe Trojan.DownLoader22.9658
洛克王国旋风辅助V32.7.exe Trojan.DownLoader22.9658
data.exe Trojan.DownLoader25.211 Trojan.MulDrop8.41187
01017【分享社】增高锻炼v9.0.6清爽版.apk Android.SmsSpy.10492
逆战自动虚空猎魔 v1.0.exe Trojan.DownLoader22.9658
superfinger.exe Trojan.StartPage1.58353
《孤岛危机2》1.9版22项属性修改器.rar Trojan.PWS.Steam.12977
payload.exe BackDoor.Meterpreter.37
ANTIRE~1.EXE Trojan.Encoder.29362
ByPass360.exe Exploit.ShellCode.26 Trojan.StartPage1.36085
喵呜.apk Android.Locker.1198.origin Trojan.Rootkit.22087
360驱动大师 v2.0.0.1455 单文件去广告绿色版.exe Trojan.DownLoader27.45936
%40笔记本-2.77(桌面版-安卓模拟器-通用).exe Trojan.MulDrop6.42320
Samp(1).vir Trojan.Siggen8.62904
战无不胜(17).apk Android.Locker.1198.origin
在线工具包5.0.exe Trojan.DownLoad4.12848
黑猫网页图片批量下载工具 Trojan.Fraudster.3314
Registrator.exe Trojan.Inject3.10245
Gh0st2.3.exe BackDoor.Pigeon1.7050
2019.exe Trojan.MulDrop2.63234
查询邮箱是否存在-qq.exe Trojan.MulDrop.32183
羊羊花瓣网相册批量下载 BackDoor.BlackHole.36122 Trojan.DownLoader23.30271
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